Like nearly all tarot cards, don’t take the name of this card too literally. I have felt this card coming for the past few weeks and today was the day it decided to reveal.

This card is all about change, transformation and clearing away the old in order to make room for the new. It’s actually the perfect card to reveal this week because on Wednesday we have the Full Moon. The Universe doesn’t miss a beat.

The transformation that is talked about in the Death card isn’t the actual transformation, it is the moment you actually surrender and let go, so that the real transformation can take place.

In The Hanged Man card it’s all about surrendering to life, whereas in the Death card you are surrendering to the change and releasing all that is preventing you from moving forward with this change.

Life is a series of deaths and rebirths. Every new job you take, a relationship you end, the new house you move into, etc. all have required the death of a situation before you can move into the new, the rebirth.

The Death card on its own doesn’t represent actual death. But it’s interesting that it sparks a weird fear in us when we see the word ‘Death’… Death by all accounts isn’t something we can avoid. When you look at this card you see a woman kneeling before Death and looking the other way, she is hoping that Death will pass her by – she is being avoidant. While the young child is excited about change and greets Death openly. The Bishop faces Death knowing his spiritual beliefs support the change that is about to take place. This is showing us that there are many ways we can choose to face change.

In the background the sun is shining bright. But just remember that the sun dies every night in order to make way for the moon, the sun doesn’t fear the death because it knows that each day it will be reborn. Imagine if the sun didn’t accept the change and refused to let go each night. Imagine the world being robbed of that beauty, all because the sun was afraid to let go.

Yesterday I co-hosted a beautiful Full Moon workshop and I talked about ritual and the art of letting go (I will post about this at a later date). I am high-fiving Spirit right now for revealing this card as it is so beautifully timed!

So, this Wednesday with the Full Moon, think about the things you are wanting to release and let go of. Release them with love and gratitude and know that with the ending and death of something, there will undoubtedly follow a beautiful rebirth.

Tarot Deck: Rider Waite

Photography: Megan Cook

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