Out from the deck this week flew the Eight of Wands, which I am absolutely loving as a follow on from last week’s Five of Wands.

The theme for the Eight of Wands is all about free-flowing energy. The wands aren’t planted in the ground, nor are they interrupted in any way. They are smoothly gliding through the air with ease and with few obstacles in their way.

The wands are blossoming, indicating your goals. The clear lush landscape is the perfect environment for ideas and goals to thrive, and the passing over water can mean overseas travel.

It is a card for healthy relationships, travel or the completion of projects and is signalling that you will reach the goals you set with speed and mostly ease.

This is a beautiful card to come through with the New Moon tomorrow – the New Moon being a time for goal setting and manifesting. This New Moon in Virgo is an excellent time to focus on things that you want to achieve.

The energy of this card is a beautiful high-vibe energy and shows moving towards goals at a nice fast pace. Sometimes we might think we need to over-plan, but this card is showing that so much freedom can come from allowing free-flowing energy to flow. It’s reminding us that we can accomplish a lot in a short space of time.

This is the ideal time to avoid broad goals that are vague. Be specific. Set your short-term goals and then make sure you follow it up with action.

Make your New Moon intention / manifesting list tomorrow night, and also make an action list. What are you going to do to make sure that these goals bloom?

This is a New Moon that triggers progress. Bring in the fresh – Spring clean, move things, change things up.

We are coming out of the darkness of Winter and into the light of Spring. The first New Moon of the change of season and the Eight of Wands is a lovely reminder of the freedom we can create in our own lives when we allow things to flow, to release control and to put plans into action.

Now is the perfect time to let go of the fear you may have about turning your own beautiful light on and letting it shine out to the world.

Wishing you a week ahead of harmony, light and freedom.

xx Megan

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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