I have always felt the energy of the Moon. Even well before I followed the Moon cycles, my body would be intuitively drawn to and impacted by the energy. I think we all are, we just sometimes don't realise it.

For years I have on and off created rituals to move through the energy. Whether it’s doing a wardrobe cull or sorting through old papers and removing anything that no longer sparks joy - To writing down affirmations to meditate on. And, most recently, (thanks to my home that now has a fireplace) I have been writing down the things I want to release or attract and then burning the paper in the fireplace – letting go and setting it free.

Whatever you feel intuitively drawn to, creating a Full Moon ritual for yourself is a deeply powerful way to check-in with yourself each month. It’s an opportunity to release and let go of anything that is no longer serving you, so you are able to move forward and make space for the new.


We often focus only on manifesting during Moon rituals, (probably because it seems a lot more exciting than facing our shadow side). However, we can only make space for the new if we release the old. Releasing the habits, issues, toxic relationships / people and objects that are not serving our highest good.

If we don’t, it’s like cutting a weed without removing the roots and then planting a seed on top. Sure, the seed might try and grow, but (just like the seed), if we are to give ourselves the best chance of blooming we need to clear out what is getting in the way of us truly growing.

Before we can release, it’s important understand why that energy was there in the first place. Reflect on the lessons, wisdom and growth it gave you, so you are able to release from a place of gratitude or forgiveness. Aligning through gratitude and/or forgiveness tells the Universe that you have released the block that the situation created and you aren’t holding onto resentment or anger. Remember, love trumps over fear - so when you come from a place of love and gratitude you are sending good vibe loving energy into the Universe - which then aligns to a vibration aligned to be able to positively set intentions.

When we release, it’s helpful to then introduce positive new energy into our lives. For example: If you are releasing an emotional attachment to a past toxic relationship, then now is a great opportunity to involve yourself with a new ritual, hobby or attend workshop classes - something positive you can introduce into your life. By doing this you are creating a shift and sending the message to the Universe that you are moving forward, and you are telling the Universe what type of energy you are allowing to enter into your life. Which in this case is the energy of growth and positive new connections.

Below is a Full Moon releasing ritual that I personally find powerful in shifting energy.

THE RITUAL... To Release:

  • Create a sacred space that is your altar. It doesn’t have to be a big space, it could even be a small tray on your bedside table or on top of your bookshelf. Somewhere you can see and be reminded of your intention. You might like to decorate it with an oracle card that you pull for yourself (an image anchor), crystals (to charge your intention) and something from nature like a flower (to represent grounding and your connection to Mother Earth).

  • Light a candle and burn some sage, incense or plant smoke cleanse to cleanse the space around you.

  • Play some calming (lyric free) music that grounds you to your space and find a comfortable seat or position on the floor.

  • Take some paper and write the things you are wanting to release. Feel gratitude for the experience and release with love and forgiveness as you write.

  • Feel the release as if it is immediate and use statements like ‘I let go of…' instead of ‘I will let go of…’ - ‘I let go of’ immediately puts you into a state of action, you are telling the Universe that it is done.

  • I like to drip a drop of oil or flower essence / perfume on the paper (because I feel it helps anoint the intention and also acts as a lovely way to help the flame engulf the paper).

  • Light the end of the paper and release into a fireplace (or outside in a fireproof bowl).

  • As you watch the fire release the paper, mentally or verbally set it free with intention.

  • I created the mantras “I release with gratitude all that no longer serves me. And so it is." OR, “As this burns I set it free, this is no longer attached to me.” Play around with words and say whatever intuitively feels right for you. By creating a mantra to chant while you are releasing it helps to keep you present, and grounded.

THE RITUAL... To Attract:

  • I like to finish the ritual by sealing it with something I want to attract. I find this is a really nice way to close off the ritual because it brings me back into a state of abundance to move forward with.

  • The ritual is the same as above, but with an abundance mindset.

  • Take your paper and write the things you are wanting to attract. Feel the abundance like it already exists and use statements like ‘I attract’ instead of ‘I will’ - ‘I attract’ puts you immediately into a state of abundance as you are telling the Universe that you are open, ready and aligned to receive.

  • Drip a drop of the oil on the paper and release into a fireplace (or outside in a fireproof bowl).

  • As you watch the fire release the paper, mentally or verbally set the intention. I created the mantras “I attract this with love, light and positive intention. I am grateful. I am abundant.” OR, “As this burns I set it free, this I now attract to me.” – Again, play around with words and say whatever intuitively feels right for you.

I love using the fireplace to release because there is something powerful about physically letting go and watching the Universe dissolve the paper. It releases all power and control you want to have over the outcome and instills faith that you can let go and trust that all will work out.

If you don’t have a fireplace or a courtyard to go outside and use a fireproof bowl safely, then you can still release just as effectively. You might like to simply rip up the paper while saying the releasing mantra and place it outside in the bin. Or, you could bury the ripped paper in the garden, releasing it to the earth.

With the ritual to attract, you might like to place that paper on your altar to remind you of all the good you want to bring into your life.

This is the way I do my ritual and have arrived at this place after many years of trying different methods. Listen to your intuition and if it's calling you to try another way, give it a go. We are all on our own journey and there is no right or wrong way. Intention is the most important thing. Follow your heart and the rest will fall into place. Remember, you are magic, and you have your own unique magic in you.

Full Moon Blessings, 

Megan xx

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