I was doing a house cleanse on someones home the other day and we got talking about vintage furniture and my ritual for bringing new vintage pieces into my home.

The thing I love about vintage and antiques is the history and the story behind each piece. They have lived a life somewhere else before their story started with me.

While they may just be objects, they still have an energy and a vibration and the imprint of their previous home and the people attached to them in the past can still linger energetically.

I once went to the coast with my bestie and her family, and on the last day of the trip I found a beautiful vintage handbag in the op-shop. I knew in my gut when I held it in my hands that it didn’t feel right - but it was pretty, so I decided to buy it anyway.

From the moment I bought it I could feel a heaviness in the air... I could feel that the handbag / previous owner was not happy I was its new owner. So much so, that a few nights after this I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night to see the spirit of a very unhappy elderly woman hovering above my bed. The next day I immediately threw away that handbag and the energy was gone.

Obviously this is a dramatic example of energy that lingers, and very much a once off occurrence - but it did teach me a great lesson in trusting my intuition when it comes to how objects feel... because our gut is never wrong.

Now I only bring in pieces that create a feeling of joy and calm in my home. When I get the vintage piece home I will make sure I sage and reiki it to remove previous energy and set an intention into the piece that it radiates joy and happiness into my home.

Below is a super simple, but very lovely ritual I created to cleanse my vintage furniture when I first bring the piece home. You can do this at any time and with any piece of furniture, regardless if it’s vintage or not.

A nice follow up to this is to then do an entire house cleanse.

While we aim to surround ourselves with uplifting people who have great energy - the same can be said about the energy of the things we bring into our home.

House blessings & magic

xx Megan

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