In classic Tarot style, the name of the card sounds more negative than it actually is. In fact, I don’t feel it to be negative in message at all. I think when we hear the word ‘judgement’; we can think of judging others or being judgemental or judged ourselves. This isn’t what the message is. Clarity of judgement is signified in this card…

In the Judgement card you can see Archangel Gabriel, calling people from their graves to rejoice. Everyone is looking upright to Spirit. Looking for the way home. The man, woman, and child represent the different perspectives to life - everyone takes their own perspective to gain the clearest understanding of this world. The cross on the flag represents linear and universal time meeting at your destination.

The ocean in the card is the end of the river that runs through the Major Arcana. As with life, everything we do flows through to an end. But like an ocean, it is actually flowing through to something so much bigger. A new beginning. This is the second last card in the Major Arcana, the last being The World, which was revealed last week. This card is what is needed before everything can fall into place.

In The World card, it is saying that your soul and the soul of the world are in alignment. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Everything is coming together. However, before this, we need to hear the call, to rise up in our vulnerability and review the past and learn from it. What you have become is a result of all you have experienced. You are the sum of all the actions and decisions you have made in life. All of your past experiences combined. You have created the future you see before you and while we cannot change the past, we can choose to grow weeds or flowers. To grow bitter, or to grow love. This responsibility falls with us – so it is a good time for reflection and self-evaluation. Are there common themes that run throughout your life? What keeps popping up? Look deep… Have you used the best judgement and are you using your intuition and judgement of situations to make decisions that support you in rising to be the best version of yourself possible? This is the time to answer for, and reflect on your journey.

Something is being awakened in you, being brought to light. New possibility, leading to a more fulfilling life, serving your higher purpose. This card is saying that your old beliefs about life have died. You are being called to rise, to be reborn, to step into your light and to rise into being who you are meant and called to be. When we rise, others rise. It may even be healing to others by sharing your journey and experiences.

This is a deep soul card because with all of the delicious (albeit sometimes hard) inner work and with endings, follows a beautiful new beginning. This inner work is preparing you to step into your light. To reawaken. You have reached a significant stage in your journey and are being guided by Spirit / Universe, so trust your own judgement when making decisions.  If it lights up your soul, follow it. You got this!

Tarot Deck: Rider Waite Photography: Megan Cook

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