After a few weeks of some pretty clear messages, I was eager to see what followed on from ‘The Hanged Man’ as the tarot reveal this week. The card that showed itself... Justice. This card indicates a time to take responsibility for your life and decisions. Justice, fairness, cause and effect, and truth are the themes of this card.

The double edge sword shows how things ‘cut both ways’, showing the duality of life. The scales represent the balancing of karma. The purple signifies inner wisdom. The yellow symbolises mental clarity. And the white shoe popping out reminds us that there are spiritual consequences for our actions. Justice indicates that events have worked out as they are meant to, and past decisions and actions have led to this point. It’s a time to be completely honest, not only with yourself, but with the people around you.

If you are in a situation that demands justice be served, you can be sure it will be. If you are in the situation because you have acted in a way that has provoked this outcome, you can be sure you will now need to deal with the consequences of your actions.

If you are finding yourself in an unfavourable situation, there is a purpose... either you have something to learn and grow from this situation. Or, this is the result/outcome of your previous actions. Either way, the decisions you now make based on this situation will shape your future. Take responsibility for your circumstances, and, remember, your future can be changed by the actions you take and lessons learned in the present from this situation. It may not always be what we want, but it will lead to a fair and reasonable outcome.

Justice can also symbolise legal... the settling of an argument, or the signing of a document or contract.

So, to follow on from last week, ‘The Hanged Man’ being all about a situation you can’t control and to surrender to life with faith that better things are coming. You can be sure that Justice will take care of that.

It’s important to be mindful this week about how your actions impact others. Be kind. Do kind.

Deck: Rider Waite

Photography: Megan Cook

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