On Monday night I hosted my final New Moon workshop for 2018, and there was a theme around this moon of nurturing and self-love. I created this ritual for the women who attended to do as New Moon homework, so they could take some time in their own time to literally soak in their New Moon intentions and infuse their wishes into every cell of their body.

This is a simple ritual that can be done at any time of the month, but with extra potency around the New Moon – which is a time for setting your intentions and manifesting.


  • Rose Petals

  • Lavender

  • Epsom Salts

As you mix the ingredients repeat your intention or mantra, infusing with good energy.

Add to the bath and as you are in the bath, visualise your intention. Feel it wash over your body and become a part of you. Soaking into your skin and cleansing your aura.

Feel this intention as if it already exists. Visualise this with a grateful heart.

If you don’t have a bath, you might like to mix the salts in a jug with warm water, and then when in the shower pour over your body. You may even like to add to a bucket and create a relaxing foot soak.

As you get out of the bath / shower and feel the water fall from your body, see all that no longer serves you falling away from you and going down the drain, and with the towel, imagine letting go of all that no longer serves you as you wipe it off your body.

Collect the rose petals and place outside in the moonlight, returning them back to the earth.

Blessings for a magical New Moon.


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