Here you see the Queen sitting proudly… she has a sunflower in one hand (representing her optimism), and in the other hand she has a wand (Wands are all about how you express your talents and your career or business). The black cat at her feet represents her connection to her inner magic and intuition.

The Queen of Wands is dominate feminine energy and can either represent a strong female leader, mentor, or can represent yourself.

The Queen of Wands comes forward this week to remind you that you are strong, independent and are capable of taking care of yourself, even through adversity.

She is reminding you that you can still move towards your goals and achieve what you set out to, while still being a positive, optimistic and kind person. Inner strength and determination shouldn’t be confused with aggression. It’s the reminder to be confident in your abilities and trust that you can achieve the outcome you desire.

I had spent the weekend with some pretty incredible women. Friends who encourage, inspire and want to see me succeed and rise. THIS to me is what the Queen of Wands is – She is the woman who instils you with confidence and inspires you to achieve. She will provide honest and constructive feedback and will want to see you grow and evolve into the best version of you. She is the woman we would want as a leader.

This is an excellent time to reflect on the women we have in our lives and to ensure we are surrounding ourselves with women who are kind, who lift us up and who inspire us… and to make sure we are also being that woman towards others. It might be time to let go of the friendships or connections to those whose values don’t align to yours.

Now is an ideal time to work with a mentor who shares your values, or to even mentor someone who you know would benefit from your strength and wisdom.

This card has come forward to remind you of your power. To remind you of your intuitive abilities. The wand (business), sunflower (optimism and positive attitude), and black cat (magic and intuition), all work together to help you succeed in business. When we trust and embrace all of these aspects, magic happens.

You will reach your success through your inner strength.

Wishing you a sunny week ahead.

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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