My Omi's house - roses from her garden and her beautiful knitting

Samhain (30th April-1st May) is 'All Hallows’ Eve'... I absolutely love this time of year!

It’s our Southern Hemisphere Halloween. It’s time to reflect and it’s also time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. It’s the time for respecting and honouring our ancestors that have passed on.

I really feel the energy in the weeks leading up to Samhain. The Moon energy and Spirit energy are quite powerful and there always seems to be a lot happening energetically.

At this time of year there’s something magical about the cold crisp air, falling golden leaves and the darkness that comes from the earlier sunsets. It’s a magical time of year.

For Samhain (and all year round) I like to treat myself to traditional roses. I buy them in honour of my ancestors to place in my home and on my ancestor altar.

My Omi had the most delicious smelling and beautiful looking traditional roses in her garden, and each week my grandpa would pick her a rose and place it in a vase for her. A beautifully romantic gesture that has stayed in my memory.

I loved arriving to their home to see the fresh roses in a vase and burying my nose in them to take in their sweet scent. It’s these seemingly small moments that are the most precious and meaningful.

The above image is of the very last roses I saw in their house. So special.


If you’re in need of some Samhain guidance, below are some ways to honour your ancestors on Samhain. Of course, these honouring rituals can be done at any time of year - with extra magic over Samhain.


ALTAR: Create an ancestor altar using a photograph of your ancestors and objects that represent and honour them. Light a candle to bring in their light. Ask for their guidance and signs of wisdom and thank them for all they have done.

DREAMS: Call on your ancestors to visit you in your dreams, calling on their wisdom and guidance. Keep a dream journal by your bed to write down any messages as soon as you wake up.

HEALING: To create family ancestral healing, sit in a comfortable position and light a candle. Draw your family tree with the names of your family.

Visualise healing light surrounding each name as you call in healing to your family line.

May you all take the time to stop and smell the roses… whatever the roses look like to you. Honouring your ancestors doesn't have to mean you spend money or do anything fancy. Their presence is not in the physical - it's soul energy. Call on them and speak to them daily. They are always there to listen and guide.

Much love and Samhain blessings,

xx Megan

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