Each month I run a New Moon Women’s Workshop - I call it Soul Circle. This Women’s Circle is an opportunity to create a monthly practice through meditation, ritual, self-reflection, intention setting and story sharing.

I am no astrologer by any means. But what I do deeply connect with and understand is how the New Moon phase makes me feel.

The best way I can think to describe the power of the New Moon is to think of it like ‘gardening.’

During the Full Moon we need to pull out the weeds and get the soil ready for planting. The New Moon is the opportunity to plant the seeds (intentions) for the month ahead.

During a Full Moon it is big and bright in the sky, however, at the New Moon the Moon cannot be seen. It is in darkness. This is the time to turn within ourselves, to deeply reflect on the things that we want for our own lives. To look deep inside ourselves.

This brings me back to the ‘planting of the seed’s’ analogy. When we plant seeds, they are covered in darkness – Just like at the time of the New Moon – we can’t yet see it in bloom, but we trust that it will. We need to provide the right conditions for seeds to grow. We need to lovingly tend to them, water them and let go of the control of the outcome, and trust that they will bloom when the time is right.

The New Moon is a powerful time to plant the seeds of intention, and over the month ensure they are provided the right conditions for the intentions to flourish.

It’s said that as the Moon phase grows, so does your intention.

Not everything will bloom in that month, sometimes it may take two months, or even a year. That’s ok, because that’s exactly when it's meant to bloom. The most important thing is to provide the self-care and loving environment for the intentions to blossom.

When you first start on the journey of a New Moon practice it may seem overwhelming and difficult – but this is so excellent, because at least you have started! It’s like when you do a giant house cull. All the stuff can seem too much to deal with – that first initial cull is the hardest. After that, you’ll find it easier and easier to move through your stuff, and because you are getting to know yourself better, you will be able to recognise more clearly the things that spark joy and the things you need to let go of.

Sharing a New Moon practice in a circle of supportive women has been an incredible experience. It is creating a monthly practice of meditation and ritual that enables women to expand and grow.

At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with me. It’s the beautiful women who attend that create their own healing, intentions and growth. They showed up to do the work. I simply provided the space for them to connect to themselves and others. It is the magic of the ritual of a regular monthly self-care practice, followed by the self-work they invest in themselves over the month ahead that creates the real magic. Showing up for yourself, no matter how small it seems, can create such deep growth and transformation.

I have heartfelt gratitude for each woman who attends. They showed up for the most important person in their lives… Themselves.

Photo 1: Soul Potion New Moon Workshop - Soul Circle

Photo 2: Photo taken of me holding Inna Segal oracle cards, captured by Lara Adele Sette

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