The week before last I performed an energy and space clearing for a co-working business in Brunswick. It was the Full Moon and the timing could not have been more perfect to shift and release some stale and stuck energy.

The co-owner of the business was with me as I performed the ritual in every room of the space. From the boardroom, to the meeting rooms, the work space and every other space in between - It was incredible to feel together the shift in the space and the lightness that was felt in each room after it was cleared.

Energy is the invisible asset to a business, and perhaps even the most powerful one of all - because it is felt and not seen. It's the thing that connects to our soul and will speak to us without any words being said.

Think of a time you have walked into a business and the vibe just felt 'off' - nothing you can put your finger on, it just didn't vibe or feel right? No matter how good a business may be, even the most intellectual person can't ignore how something makes them feel.

This experience reminded me of the importance of space clearing for businesses.

Every interaction, conversation, negative or positive thought gets stored into the bones of the building. In the walls, the floor, the furniture, the air - and that's just the energy we create. Then there is the energy that may be there from spirit.

Space clearing is such a powerful way to reset energy, clear negative vibes and clear the way for good things to flow in.

A business, whether we realise it or not, is created by energy. Next time you visit a cafe for your morning coffee, or even when you step into your office, take a moment to notice how that space makes you feel.

It's all in the energy.

xx Megan


If you are located in Melbourne and have a business space that needs some good vibes, contact me via email for a consultation.

Photo: My studio altar featuring happy Dahlia’s and sustainability sourced cleansing sticks.

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