I love the depth of this card - ‘The Strength card suggests that you have sufficient inner strength to face life.’

In this card you can see a woman, surrounding her the sky is bright and above her head you can see the affinity symbol – it is without beginning or end and is tapping into source energy as placed above the crown chakra.

The woman is calm while soothing a lion. This lion could destroy her, but instead is soothed by her gentleness and love. The lion, (either representing a situation in your life, or an inner struggle) symbolises fears and feelings of the mind that are out of our control. But when we engage our inner strength guided by love we realise an inner courage and confidence that is both strong and compassionate.

To try to control or subdued the lion is only going to drain your energy. But to allow each (you and the lion) to work together, accepting each for what it is you will emerge with courage and a graceful strength. The lion is easily directed by the woman because it is able to sense her love behind her strength. The woman creates trust with the lion by approaching with compassion and not control. You need to create a safe environment if you wish to influence and inspire others.

To be strong does not mean to be devoid of emotion or love – this strength can only successfully work when working together.

This is a card for inner strength. It is saying that the human spirit can overcome any obstacle. Life will throw you some things that may seem wild and out of your control, but drawing on inner strength you will be able to approach the situation with patience and calm, with compassion and maturity. With graceful determination of integrity and courage, and with realising this inner strength, you realise anything is possible. It is a time to be conscious of your instinctual reactions and be mindful to think before you react. To react with integrity and grace and not out of fear.

Zoe Foster Blake has a great saying “engage the apricot!” meaning to stay soft on the outside but to keep a core of strength and self-respect.

This is a wonderful saying and whenever you feel you are in need of a little shake to remember this - just remember to ‘engage the apricot.' An apricot without its core is just a soft mush without an inner strength. And, so, the core on its own is just hard and will end up hurting you. Both are necessary to be complete.

“Engage the apricot.”

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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