The word that comes to mind when I look at the Ten of Cups is ‘gratitude.’

Here you see a family together, the children are having fun and the couple are embracing each other with arms outstretched to the sky with an open heart. Above them, a rainbow shining over them. They have a humble home in the background, fresh water and abundant land surrounding them. This card looks like pure joy.

This is a lovely card to come through this week. It is a card for harmony, happiness, marriage, alignment, peace, good fortune and values. It is a card for joy and sharing.

We are encouraged this week to pause for a moment and look at all the beautiful things around us that we have to be grateful for. Look at what we have accomplished and achieved.

This is a positive card for relationships. If you are single, it can indicate that a fulfilling relationship is on the way, and if you are in a long-term relationship you could reach a new level of depth and love.

To open yourself up to new opportunities/a relationship, it first comes back to that one critical ingredient of gratitude. To attract a new love, we must appreciate all that we already have in our lives.

To expand on an existing love, we first must be able to see what’s in front of us, pause, and appreciate all that person already is.

This card also represents a harmonious community and family life. It is also a card for values and represents the fulfilment of your dreams in line with your values. This card is encouraging you to seek opportunities that are fulfilling and aligned to your values. It is showing the abundance that is gained from aligning your heart with your values and pursuing a path that honours this.

Rainbows are my sign from Spirit, reminding me that I am watched over and that everything is going to be ok. Magical things can happen when you decide to look up, to keep your head high and to notice the beauty around you.

I keep a gratitude journal that I write in before bed. I try to write even just one thing from that day that I am grateful for. I have been a bit slack with this ritual the past few months, but this card has prompted me to bring this ritual back into my life.

This week I feel is all about having an attitude of gratitude.

Wishing you an abundant, harmonious week, surrounded by joy and people who love and support you.

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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