I sat down last night to do this weeks tarot card reveal and it was something I really had to push myself to do. I had been totally depleted of energy after a day of technology mayhem and I’d felt I had been stripped of all my strength and motivation. But, I made myself do it in the spirit of holding myself to weekly ritual. So it was actually quite perfect this card flung out to the side to reveal itself... The Chariot indicates a disciplined mind. The winged disc is a symbol of Egyptian goddess Isis and depicts the spirit being able to soar above emotional trials. The water represents the emotions and the land represents the practical. The Chariot rests on both. The Sphinxes represent two opposing forces in life. So when this card appears it may mean the need to control two opposing forces. It’s a card of success through tenacity. The key phrase for this card ‘don’t give up.’ It symbolises moving forward, new possibilities, success, achievement and victory over adversity. And as shown on The Lioness Oracle there is a woman balancing on a flying carpet... you can only travel forward if you move with balance, swiftness and grace. Move confidently towards a goal and journey into the future.
So this week ponder the journey, and remember, if we don’t take care of ourselves and keep balance, it’s impossible to move forward without tumbling over. Your magic carpet or Chariot awaits!

(In a very practical term this card can also represent car, or travel by car.)

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot & The Lioness Oracle Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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