This is an interesting card to pull today because yesterday I caught up with a friend for brunch and we were discussing mindset - She was telling me about a client who has signed up for a fitness challenge who was given everything she needs to succeed... a weekly meal plan, exercises and classes she needs to attend. Everything has been handed to her to ensure the best possible outcome. However, the one thing that cannot be given to her is 'mindset'. This is the one thing that we have total control over that no one else can organise for us. This person will complain weekly, will not follow the advice given and will then provide excuse after excuse why they didn't do it, yet will still wonder why and complain that their situation hasn't changed. THIS is The Devil. The Devil holds us in chains, when actually, if you look closely, you'll see that the chains are loose enough to simply take off. Yet the two people shown remain trapped by their own choice (maybe they can’t see yet that it is their choice). This could be something related to the limiting beliefs we place on ourselves by telling ourselves that we can't do it, or we're not good enough. It could be an ungrateful and negative attitude. It could be a victim mindset, where everything that happens can be blamed on someone else or blamed on a situation. It could be a controlling relationship. It could be an obsession with material possessions, ego and an over-dependence on material wealth. Or it could be addictive and controlling behaviour when you know you need to stop or let go, but you just can't.

The Devil is the illusion that there are no other alternatives. That we are trapped. This card is reminding us that we are each responsible for ourselves. That we do have the ability to make a change and to set ourselves free - if we choose to.

When we try to control everything, we are actually controlling nothing.

Physical freedom in a way is a lot easier to achieve than mental freedom. Mental freedom requires a rewiring of attitude, of introspective, of holding that mirror up to yourself and really seeing the situation for what it is. To acknowledge the shadows in yourself and the pain of the past and to deal with your devil. BUT while it may be more work, the reward will be so great. Remember, The Devil only exists if we allow it to. So, time to wave that jerk goodbye.

The five pointed star above The Devil's head represents the five points of the human body. When upright, the head is clear and feet are balanced on the ground and arms are open wide. When reversed, your head is clouded, you aren't balanced and you are seeing things from a backwards perspective.

This card is wanting you to be free. It is wanting you to unchain yourself from the things that are holding you back from stepping into all that you can be. Sometimes the most scary thing is actually taking that first step to free yourself. But, what happens if you do release yourself from the chain? What if you are free to step into the life you truly deserve? ...That sounds pretty wonderful to me. Please know that there are so many people who love and support you and want you to be happy and free, so lean on these wonderful people and know that you aren’t alone in this journey.

There is a New Moon tomorrow. This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on The Devil and to release all that no longer serves you, as well as setting intentions for the positive things you want to attract. It has definitely sparked within me a reflection of my own limiting beliefs. Out with the chains and fear, and in with positivity, freedom and love.

Wishing you a wonderfully free week ahead.

Tarot Deck: Rider Waite

Photography: Megan Cook

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