It’s funny this card is revealed because the last course I did was relating to Sun Gods and the divine masculine energy... which I was loving because there is so much focus on the rising of divine feminine, but either one cannot successfully rise without the other rising alongside with it. I have been trying to embrace and expand on all the beautiful masculine energy that’s been kicked off to the side. Things like being a passionate leader, having strength, bravery, career, action and motivation in following through with ideas and goals.

Last night I awoke suddenly at 12:30am with a message given to me, the voice said ‘Ride the wave of uncertainty, you’ll be surprised at what you might find.’ I quickly scribbled it down before it disappeared from memory and I went back to sleep.
So I was pretty eager to see what card was revealed today.

When used in a positive way, The Emperor actually gives strength and courage in knowing that during the times of uncertainty you’ve got the wisdom, strength, leadership and determination to ride the wave and you’ll be ok. Used negatively you could try and rule over, control, be rigid, aggressive or manipulate the situation.

When I look at this card I see a man protecting himself in armour which is covered by a softer element of a red draped garment. A heart visible on his shoulder. Showing that you can still be soft, but carry yourself with strength and courage.

He is the archetypal father. He symbolises the laws of society and the people who enforce them, structure and stability. He symbolises business pursuits, advice, wisdom and taking action towards your ideas.

He’s saying that you are protected and wise that the protection and wisdom doesn’t have to come from someone else, it is found within us, we (whether female or male) hold within us the ability to be both our nurturer (empress) and protector (emperor).

So, if there’s something this week (an idea etc) that you’ve been procrastinating on or don’t feel brave enough to take the leap to do, just go for it! ‘Ride the wave of uncertainty, you’ll be surprised at what you might find.’ ...You got this.

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot & The Lioness Oracle Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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