This card is all about fertility, femininity, nature, abundance, creativity and nurturing. Think Goddesses Demeter, Freya and the Goddess of Fertility. The Archetypal Earth Mother.

The Empress has a peaceful and calm aura. She is wearing a star crown showing the connection to the mystical world and Spirit. She is surrounded by growth and abundance. The trees are lush, the river flowing. The Empress sits on luxurious cushions surrounded by life and shows the deep connection to Mother Earth. The wheat is golden and is representing abundance from a recent harvest. The heart shape stone shows a circle and downward facing cross – the sign of Venus – ruler of the sign Taurus and Libra (interestingly we just had the Full Moon in Libra). The feminine rules by Venus, the planet of love, art, fertility, harmony, beauty and grace.

The Empress calls on us to connect with our feminine energy. To reconnect with ourselves. To be sensual, kind to ourselves, to discover new ways of being creative. This card is all about connection to femininity.

The Empress is also a card for pregnancy and birth. This could be literal, or the birth of a new idea or way to live your life. Time to action any idea that has been growing inside you. It’s calling you to step outside in nature and connect back to the earth. To ground your soul so your soul can reach higher connection to the Universe.

A maternal nurturing card, the Empress calls you to nurture yourself and also be there for others. By investing in yourself and taking care of yourself you are allowing your soul to flourish. This kind of care will see you bloom and create abundance in all areas of your life. Honour yourself, your needs, your ideas and the things that light your soul up; and only then can you inspire and help others. A good time to remember the ol’ ‘fill your own bucket up first’ saying.

Remember, the Universe / Spirit wants you to feel love, abundance and healing. By moving in a vibration that allows these things to flow, life will provide this. Seek to connect to other women who inspire and help you grow, even seek out a mentor, or perhaps be a mentor to someone you feel needs the guidance.

This is a beautiful card to receive to start the week fresh after the Full Blue Moon. While it is the time of the Autumn Equinox, and the harvest is winding down, this card is a beautiful reminder of the abundance that will follow if we plant the seeds and care for them along the way.

Tarot Deck: Rider Waite

Photography: Megan Cook

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