Oh this card, it revealed itself nearly right away, popping out the side while shuffling the deck. It couldn’t wait!

Look how brave The Fool looks, full of confidence and courage, head in the air, arms open to the world as the sun shines brightly on him. The fool is representing the first step towards knowledge, peace and liberation. The Fool is living in the moment, not concerned with what happened in the past and not worried about what might happen in the future... because The Fool knows he can’t control either one. All he can do is focus on the present.

He is about to take a leap of faith, not knowing where it will take him, but what he does know is that the Universe will support him and will catch him if he falls.

He carries knowledge and wisdom from his past... see the bag he is carrying from his wand - but, note that it’s not baggage that is weighing him down, he’s packed only what he needs. The wisdom and important lessons that will help and support him on his journey.

The dog is representing the past that will try and call him back. (Which is like the ego telling him he’s not good enough, or trying to convince him not to be brave).

The Fool is the card for taking the leap out of a current situation. It’s the risks that other people may caution against because they don’t understand... (like leaving a job, or partner). The Fool suggests that the road to fulfilment is through spontaneous action... detailed plans can be worked out later. The main thing is to answer what is truly calling your soul.

This is an excellent card to follow on from last week’s The Devil card - now that you have unchained yourself, The Fool is allowing you to move forward. Step bravely into the unknown, knowing that you have within you everything you need to succeed.

Pop by my pal @nataleefinnpsychicmedium Facebook page because she did an excellent card reading on the weekend that ties in nicely with this.

Have a beautiful week and be brave Fools.

Tarot Deck: Rider Waite

Photography: Megan Cook

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