I had last week off doing the Weekly Tarot reading because I had a rather pressed week leading up to it with the launch of this website, so I decided to keep the card just for me. The card I pulled was quite appropriate, it was The Hermit. So, tonight, when I shuffled the deck of the Major Arcana I was completely amazed to see that The Hermit had revealed itself again! Clearly this card was wanting to be shared with everyone!

The Hermit is a card that shows itself as a suggestion that you need some time for self-reflection. It will encourage you to look at the past and reflect and move forward into the future.

The Hermit is suggesting you go to your inner world. Listen to your dreams (keep a dream journal because your dreams could be trying to reveal something to you). It’s a time to call on your Spirit Guides or Ancestors for guidance. Meditate and go within and retreat to your inner world. Be alone with yourself and be comfortable in the loneliness. To be alone without being lonely. It’s when we feel this sense of aloneness that a quiet strength is revealed. It’s when we remove all distraction that we can start to hear our inner voice.

It’s also a time for listening to wisdom, whether it’s from your guides, a counsellor or wise friend or mentor.

It’s a card for going out on your own and taking a risk. It’s about leaving behind what isn’t serving you in favour of what you really want to do. The Hermit is what shows up when you take the plunge to walk away from a situation that no longer fulfils you. This is a card for inner success.

The Hermit is showing us that we each have our own path to walk and that no one else can hold up the light for us except ourselves. While this may seem overwhelming at times, and while the light isn’t bright enough to light up the whole path to show us where it will lead how, or how it will turn out – we need to trust that the path we decide to walk will lead us to where we need to be. As long as we hold up that light and take one step at a time we aren’t really in darkness. The Hermit is showing us a glimpse of what is ahead.

This is the perfect card for this week as we have the New Moon on Wednesday. The New Moon is a time for reflection and for being aware of what we want to attract and bring into our lives. It’s through this self-reflection that we can manifest from an open heart and clear head (crown chakra).

Wishing you week of beautiful, quiet stillness and reflection.

Deck: Rider Waite TarotPhotography: Megan Cook
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