This card took me a little bit to connect with when it was revealed. I was trying to force an answer, a meaning... which is exactly what this card was trying to tell me... too much structure!
 This card is all about learning, growth, structure and being accountable for our own development.

The Hierophant (High Priest) represents a need to take responsibility for your spiritual growth and the direction your life takes. He is a trusted guide or spiritual mentor, responsible for providing spiritual direction and guidance. He represents a gateway to a higher consciousness reached in a ritualised manner. The Hierophant represents churches, doctrines and education in general - there isn’t only one way to believe or approach a situation. It’s a calling to take responsibility for yourself and your spiritual needs. Don’t conform to how you think others want or expect you to live. You hold the key to unlocking your own personal and spiritual power. To be supported by structure, but not dictated by it. To learn, grow and to find freedom through knowledge. So, remember, all the answers you need you already hold within you. You are a wise owl. Trust your intuitive nudges, develop your wisdom through learning, do courses or classes that help you grow. Look at tradition, learn from it and make your future your own. Time to unlock your wisdom within!

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot & The Lioness Oracle Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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