I am actually feeling an immense combination of gratitude and excitement as I am writing this post, because, today’s weekly Tarot reveal falls on the date of two powerful occurrences – The Full Moon in Scorpio and Samhain. Oh the magical spiritual excitement!

Samhain, April 30/May 1. - A time for reflection over the past year. This is like the Southern Hemisphere’s Halloween. The veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest and it is a powerful time for divination. We are reminded tonight to welcome the darkness that the cooler months bring as we prepare ourselves for the rebirth of Spring to come.

It is a time to honour our ancestors and those we love who have passed. If we call on them they are here to guide us. I could feel grandmother next to me for a moment as I was writing this, and the pink rose featured in the photo is one I bought last week to celebrate her spirit - so it felt fitting to feature it in this post.

I shuffled the cards and two fell out the side – Judgement (which was revealed last week), and, The Magician…

The Magician is number one in the Major Arcana and indicates new beginnings. The Magician is saying that now is a good time to start projects and to begin something new.

The right hand of The Magician is extending towards the heavens, drawing in inspiration, which is then directed by his left hand towards the earth, turning his ideas into something real.

The infinity symbol above his head says his knowledge is without beginning or end. The same can be seen in his belt, which is a snake biting its own tail, representing eternity. Snakes also represent transformation. A powerful time to shed out the old that no longer serves you, so you can transform and transition into something new. It’s also a reminder to eliminate distractions taking you away from what you want to achieve.

The white robe symbolises purity (often that comes from new beginnings) and the red cloak represents wisdom and knowledge.

On the table you can see represented the four suits of the Tarot. In combination, these tools create the perfect tools for success… To align in your purpose you need the right motive (cup), a clear plan (sword), enthusiasm (wand) and practical application (pentacle). These things combined are a powerful combination for achieving your purpose. Each four represent – earth (mind), air (heart), fire (body), water (soul).

You are here on earth to make the most out of your gifts and potential.  Each one of us holds within us a powerful divine purpose. We have also been given free will, and this free will is so powerful because we can either listen to the messages from the Universe and step into our purpose, or we can choose to look the other way. The Magician is reminding us that it is time to initiate action. Take the guidance and messages given to us by the Universe, trust in it, and turn what you’ve been given into something tangible.

This is a good omen card when you begin a creative project, or when you need to make a transformation. This card will appear when you have the creative power to create a new lifecycle for yourself. This is the time to manifest your dreams and to act on your strong desire to begin something new.

Act with self-awareness and a strong sense of ‘why.' Be clear in your intentions and you will create successfully using what you have available to you. It’s so important to apply a positive attitude and positive energy into this new beginning, because this attitude will dictate the result.

This is a good reminder for the Full Moon in Scorpio tonight to be mindful to not fall into an emotional trap. Keep your vibration lifted and your spirit high.

Go forth and shine - you beautiful, sparkly, full of potential, magical humans!

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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