My first memory of tea was when I was an 11-year-old grade sixer in Primary school. I was at my friend Sally’s house, and there was something so beautifully comforting about being there. The black and white checked floor of her family’s kitchen and their big family dining table was where I had my first cup. It was English Breakfast tea, with the perfect amount of milk and about 8 teaspoons of sugar to ease the bitterness. I remember thinking this is what it’s all about.

I loved going to Sally’s and having tea, because tea was more than just a drink at Sally’s house, it was the ritual of making a cup together and sitting around that big family dining table and chatting about life.

I tried coffee when I was in Uni… It was when café culture started to boom and cappuccinos were the café beverage of choice. I wanted to be cool – to feel like an adult. I drank five cups that day thinking ‘maybe if I just have another cup it will taste good?’ Not knowing that you couldn’t consume coffee like you could tea. I was sick all night and decided that coffee was the devil. It just didn’t have the same loveliness that tea had. It made my body feel anxious and horrible.

When I met my bestie, Emily, seven years after my first cup of tea, I knew we would be friends for life – she came from a tea loving family. No matter the occasion, good, bad, sad or hilarious… the kettle would be boiling ready to pour into the giant teapot full of loose-leaf tea and we would all sit around with our warm cups in our hands… consoling, laughing, crying or celebrating – a cup of tea was always involved.

No matter the situation, tea is that constant comfort that will always be there. It’s the warm hug when I desperately need one, and the calming presence when I need a moment of peace and reflection.

Tea is more than a drink to me, it’s a ritual.

I absolutely love turning the ordinary into something special - into ritual, and tea is one of my favourite rituals.

I drink many cups throughout the day and early evening and adore that moment of preparing the tea when I am called to the present moment and I need to wait for the tea to brew. It’s like a form of meditation.

Sometimes I take this opportunity to infuse intention into my cup.

Below is my little tea ritual...

Happy Brewing!

xx Megan

Top photo: My mantelpiece with my fortune telling teacup filled with lovely rose tea.

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