I have pulled this card three times in a row for myself – and clearly it wasn’t giving up, because it was obviously wanting to be shared with others. So, here comes The Sun.

This card is representing joy, inner peace and the need to express yourself. It’s reminding us that our happiness is our choice and it’s in our power to let the sun shine.

The first word I think of when looking at this card is FREEDOM. The child looks absolutely free in every way.

When we were children we weren’t burdened by the expectations or commitments or worries we seem to have taken on as adults. We were free and brave in our expression, we had fun and played and found joy in the smallest of things. Every day was an adventure. Then, as we grew, we packed away this play and the freedom we felt as a child and replaced it with the self-imposed limits of adult life. Technically we have more freedom as adults, yet somehow, we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t.

The grey stone wall in this card represents the past and acts like a boundary for keeping away negative influences and forces. Allowing the sunflowers to bloom and blossom. The garden is also the inner garden of the soul. It’s reminding us that if we want to blossom we really need to care for and nurture our own souls garden.

The Sun is the card for tremendous success in life, career or relationships. And suggests a creative career involving self-expression. This concept of self-expression can be incorporated into all careers, though. It’s up to each of us every day to turn up to whatever job we have (whether it be creative or corporate) and bring ourselves – I mean really bring ourselves. If you are one person at home, another person in the office and then another person with your friends – which is the real you? The you who feels most lit up, most alive, most happy? Bring this person to all areas, because the world needs the most sunny you. You need the most sunny you.

This card is reminding us that only when we have freedom within, will we then find freedom in the physical world.

There is a fantastic quote from The Minimalists “happiness is the biproduct of living a meaningful life.” This is meaning that happiness isn’t a destination or somewhere you arrive. It’s created by the small, but meaningful actions we take and create for ourselves throughout each and every day.

This card is very appropriate to appear again this week, because last Thursday we had the Winter Solstice – the shortest day and the longest night, which leads into the days slowly becoming lighter and brighter.

Another message I received for this card is a reminder that life is in cycles and just like the seasons, while it may seem dark and cold right now, we have within us an incredible light that while sometimes (depending on circumstances) may appear to be duller at times - it's reminding us that the sun will always come back out. And, as with the Sun, it continues to rise every morning, turning up to dispel the darkness and to return optimism and joy to the world. Just like you do!

Last week at the Reiki course the students were asked to connect with their inner-child – a marvellous exercise. So, this week I set you the challenge of connecting with yours. What was something you loved doing as a child that made you feel happy and free? Now, at some point during this week, go treat yourself to that.

Have a happy week, you lovely ray of sunshine.

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography: Megan Cook

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