Each week I’ve been pulling a tarot card to study closely and meditate on for the week. I’m still getting my head around tarot, and find the complexity a challenge. Very different to reading oracle cards. 
I thought I would start sharing them with you, and boy, this is a beauty to start with! The Tower... I was shuffling the deck when they fell out of my hands and on the floor, with The Tower card turned over. I had a little laugh to myself because this is how The Tower works... it comes crashing down to reveal itself. The card represents structure of false or outgrown values. Your attitude about life no longer supports you and needs to be surrendered so that you can grow. It’s a calling to be grounded, to connect back with earth and nature.

The Tower presents transformation in a way that’s hard to ignore and should be met with grace and flow, rather than resistance. The universe doesn’t allow people to life far from their spiritual path forever. When we become stuck the universe does whatever it can to free us, to release the old and embrace the new. I absolutely love this card! It’s also a reminder that what may appear negative on the surface, actually leads to something positive. Freedom, change and transformation.

The perfect card for the week of the ‘super red blue full moon’ on Thursday.

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot

Photography & Image: Megan Cook

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