This is such a divine card to pull for the New Moon today. The World is showing us a happiness that comes from within. It also suggests a larger success.

You can see a woman who is floating, moving in the Universe. It is a reminder that success doesn’t come by staying stagnant, you have to constantly move and evolve to grow, to rise. In each hand she holds a wand, representing evolution and balance.

The wreath represents success and an ongoing success. The red ribbons of the infinity symbol represent the reward of positively impacting ourselves and those around us.

The four (cherub, eagle, bull and lion) represent the four elements and the need to bring them together in harmony. Also representing four compass points, four seasons, four corners of the world.

We are being reminded that it’s the intention, not the ritual that brings about the desired result. This is an important thing to remember because the Universe reacts to energy and what surrounds us is a manifestation of energy. We truly need to feel what it is we are wanting to manifest. Now is the time to ask the Universe for what you really want, be clear in your intention and ask in a way that the Universe can understand. The Universe is always listening. Every thought, complaint, comment, is a wish to the Universe. So as with the Law of Attraction, put out into the world what you want to attract and receive.

This card is so beautiful, because it is saying that your soul and the soul of the world are in alignment. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Everything is coming together – you are in the right place and you are loved and supported.

Your efforts are paying off. You’re reaching the end of a major cycle. It has been a tough journey with many hardships, but you will be so much wiser and stronger because of it. And with the end of a cycle will begin a new one. New beginnings and success. You are coming from a good place and it’s time to share with others your bright light and gifts.

This card can also indicate world travel for a good period of time.

This is such a positive card, especially to receive on this New Moon. So when you do your ritual tonight, remember to not just write down the things you want to attract, but to actually get your vibration into a state of genuinely feeling the abundance and success.

New Moon blessings to you all. xx

Tarot Deck: Rider Waite Photography: Megan Cook

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