I have never been a ‘5-year plan’ type of person, so it’s no surprise that New Year Resolutions and I were never great pals. Yet, every year I would sit just after the New Year and write a list of meaningless goals. The typical list of goals that were written as the reminder of what ideal person I wanted to be. Things like ‘do yoga three times a week’… or, ‘find excellent boyfriend / soulmate’… or, ‘learn German’ …etc. etc.

The problem with goals like this, is that at the end of every year I would feel like a failure for not doing yoga three times a week, or for not achieving the things that were on the list. The issue, I think, was that I was telling my soul what it wanted instead of allowing my soul to discover and feel for itself. There was no room for magic or mystery. I wasn’t trusting in the Universe to guide me.

It was after I had moved to Melbourne that I decided that instead of having a goal list, I would just have a theme, or one word for the year. A guiding light and anchor for the year and allow everything to flow from there.


My first theme was ‘Year of the Social’ – I had not too long just moved to Melbourne and wanted to find myself a really great group of friends. To say yes to new things and new experiences. That year I formed lifelong friendships with wonderful people.


The following year was ‘Year of the Good Vibes’ – During this year I really wanted to expand my spiritual growth and dedicated myself to awakening my intuition by attending meditation groups, spiritual retreats and workshops. I started my dream journal again, completed Reiki I & II, and made a conscious effort to surround myself with Good Vibes in all aspects of my life.


Last year my word was ‘Sustainable’ – This was an incredibly powerful word because it prompted a review of what was sustainable in all areas of my life. Was I dating the same type of man and was that type of person a sustainable choice in the long-term? Were the environmental choices I was making sustainable for the planet? Were the hours I was working sustainable for me in the long-term? It made me look at the type of food I was eating and prompted me to think whether it was a healthy and sustainable choice. It screamed at me to look at the Multi-level-marketing essential oils group I was in and peel back the layers to discover that not only was it not sustainable from a business perspective, but that company wasn’t sustainable for the planet through its plant pillaging and over consumption… So, I left that group and now as a result I am more conscious and aware of where products come from and it has prompted me to support local and small business.

It also prompted me to look at the emotions I wasn't dealing with and because it really wasn't sustainable for me to hold onto them any longer, I processed, released and healed many blocks.

Last year was huge!


I struggled to think of my word for 2019. I knew how I wanted it to feel, but I couldn’t quite find the word that fit or felt right.

I spent New Year’s Eve with my soul family, and was chatting to my friend’s mum, Narelle, about my word for the year and how I was struggling to articulate it. I told her how I wanted it to feel and the things I was wanting to expand on and attract. She said to me “MAGIC, your word is ‘Magic!”

Of course, it was Magic! I had found my word, found my magic. So, here’s to a year of more magic, in every way. A year of expanding on my magic, to seeing the magic in others, and to finding magic in the little things that happen each and every day. Magic is everywhere.

What’s your word for 2019? Whatever your word, may you flow through 2019 with all your magic.

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