This card is all about life cycles, destiny, karma, good luck and a turning point…

You can see four figures in each corner that represent the four elements or the four approaches to life and are representing the four signs of the zodiac. (this card is the card of Jupiter ). They appear yellow in this card because they have yet to reach complete understanding. (In The World card you will see they are in colour). They are each holding a book – this is the Torah, which represents wisdom. Perhaps wisdom that is to be revealed.

The snake represents Set, the Egyptian god of darkness who rules over death and decay. Set follows the Wheel down. On the other side you see Anubis, who is a guide to dead souls and therefore brings new life. Anubis is offering protection in a spiritual sense. From death comes rebirth as he is seen rising up.

On top of the Wheel the Sphinx represents life’s riddles. And represents the secrets that will be revealed to those who are observant and listen. The Wheel is Hermes symbolising wisdom ascending, intelligence, or to see our shadow selves in some cases.

I am feeling that this is a good reminder to not let the outcomes of situations and changes that occur in life dictate our happiness.

Things in life go in cycles. What goes up must come down and what goes down must go up. Sometimes things will be good and sometimes things will be bad. It isn’t possible for life to always run in our favour. However, what can run in our favour, though, is the way in which we choose to see situations and the outlook we have on life. Do you think life is working against you? OR, do you see situations that may appear disappointing as an opportunity to embrace something new or to perhaps reflect, grow, improve and move in a new direction? Sure, it is totally natural to feel disappointment, but it’s just not good to dwell on it forever because this disappointment will grow into bitterness, which will then flow into all areas of your life.

Sometimes we get complacent, we get comfortable and in this comfort we become stagnant. But remember, the Wheel is always turning and the Universe is always listening to us. Always. With every single vent we have about our job, or the complaining about our relationships… We are single handily asking, if not begging for change! Yet, when the Universe answers these subconscious wishes we can act outraged and feel victimised… why me!? If you struggle against the wheel, it will crush you. But, if you flow with the changes in life, the journey will feel more rewarding and you will be open to receiving the beautiful lessons and wisdom along the way.

The change offered by The Wheel is often dramatic in fashion. Sometimes you need to be shaken up to make a change. To get made redundant to move into a job more aligned to purpose. To be dumped and have your heartbroken so you can learn what you really value in a relationship and be free to find the person who lights up your heart. Every time you move down the wheel you will eventually move up.

It is about keeping optimistic and knowing that the Universe is looking out for you.

The Wheel indicates a change in luck and it is moving in your favour (whether it seems that way or not) – see the change that comes as an opportunity… a little gift from the Universe. Use this card to visualise and meditate on to visualise the good fortune and abundance it brings your way.

It’s no wonder that this card is the card of Jupiter – the planet of opportunity, success, expansion and growth.

I love this Chinese proverb on change. When the winds of change are blowing, some people are building shelters and others are building windmills.

So… Build a windmill and let the breeze make you dance (preferably to Tina Turner’s ‘Rolling on the River’). Have a wonderful week!

Deck: Rider Waite Tarot and The Lioness Oracle

Photography: Megan Cook

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