hello sweet friends,

I’m Megan - a house magic, tea witchery, flower posy enthusiast.

I connect to the power of the moon and the cycles of the seasons to create magic through workshops, healings, lovely ritual and handmade products.


I created Soul Potion out of a deep calling to share my intuitive journey and to provide space for others on theirs.


I have always been drawn to space and the energy and magic of it.

When I was a little girl my mum collected vintage furniture and she would find a way of creating a home for it in my bedroom - so I was always moving the layout of furniture around and reinventing my space.


I remember being obsessed with witchy shows like Charmed and would record it on VHS so I could pause throughout the whole show so I could draw the exact layout of their magical Victorian home complete with furniture arrangements. And, how about that incredible Grimoire! I wanted a magical book and would often try and think of my own incantations.

I was, without even realising it, drawn to magic and how I could use this magic to create beauty around me. It felt like a deep soul remembering and ever since then I have tried to weave and find magic wherever I can.


This website hopes to serve as a magical online Grimoire. A sacred space to hold some of the wisdom I have gathered on my journey. A place to get lost in ritual and magic. Here I share the rituals I have created, the space around me, my workshops and product offerings and

everything in between.


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With gratitude,

xx Megan


© 2020 Soul Potion | Megan Cook

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